Girls Track Dominates in Bandera 


Caitie Huff battles for third place in Bandera.

Dillon Rabon

The Billie girls’ track team traveled to Bandera on March 2 looking to take home the first place prize. The Billie’s did just that, as the girls’ varsity team topped Del Rio by half a point with a total 156.5 securing first place. The girls’ JV team also blew the competition out of the water taking home first as well, giving the Billies a sweep on the meet.

Girls Track Results:                                                                                                                                           JVG Girls 3200m Run Open

Jaelynn Rock FR 1st

Maribella Arias SO 4th

JVG Girls Shot Put Open

Alicia Benitez JR 1st 

Misty Danz FR 4th 

Audrey Spurgin SO 6th 

 VG Girls Shot Put Open

Aj Davis SR 1st 

Landri Sagebiel SO 2nd 

 JVG Girls Discus Open

 Hannah Gabai FR 4th 

Kelsie Sifford SO 7th 

 VG Girls Discus Open

Landri Sagebiel SO 1st 

JVG Girls High Jump Open

Shelby Brown JR 7th 

JVG Girls Pole Vault Open

Emma Shepard FR 1st 

VG Girls Pole Vault Open

Aleah Constantine JR 1st 

Sydney Slaughter SO 2nd 

JVG Girls Long Jump Open

Mary Armes SO 2nd 

Caitie Huff JR 5th 

Emma Shepard FR 7th

VG Girls Long Jump Open

Anna Gold SO 2nd 

JVG Girls Triple Jump Open

Genesa Quay FR 1st 

 Caitie Huff JR 2nd 

 Mary Armes SO 4th 

VG Girls Triple Jump Open

Aleah Constantine JR 1st 

Landry Dartez SO 3rd 

Molly Pluenneke SR 5th 

JVG Girls 4x100m Relay Relay Open

55.3h A Relay 3 12 —

Paige Gomez (FR) Emma Shepard (FR) Samantha Garzonie (SO) Maria Cadena Flores (SO)

VG Girls 4x100m Relay Relay Open

53.1h A Relay 5 4 —

Landry Dartez (SO) Molly Pluenneke (SR) Sydney Slaughter (SO) Allison Munoz (JR)

JVG Girls 800m Run Open

Emmaline Kitzmiller SO 5th 

VG Girls 800m Run Open

Mia Torres SR 4th 

Julissa Sanchez JR 7th 

JVG Girls 100m Hurdles Open

Caitie Huff JR 3rd 

VG Girls 100m Hurdles Open

 Aleah Constantine JR 2nd 

Sydney Slaughter SO 7th 

JVG Girls 100m Dash Open

Daisy Perez JR 2nd 

 Mary Armes SO 6th 

VG Girls 100m Dash Open

 Anna Gold SO 2nd

 Allison Munoz JR 4th 

VG Girls 100m Dash Open

 Itzel Plancarte JR 5th 

JVG Girls 4x200m Relay Relay Open

1:56.6h A Relay 1st 20 —

Paige Gomez (FR) Emma Shepard (FR) Samantha Garzonie (SO) Ella Sanchez (SO)

VG Girls 4x200m Relay Relay Open

1:51.9h A Relay 4 8 —

Landry Dartez (SO) Amie Pyka (FR) Jade Whiting (SO) Molly Pluenneke (SR)

VG Girls 400m Dash Open

 Sydney Holster JR 6th 

Event # 53 JVG Girls 300m Hurdles Open

 Caitie Huff JR 3rd 

VG Girls 300m Hurdles Open

 Aleah Constantine JR 3rd

 Sydney Slaughter SO 6th 

 Jade Whiting SO 5th 

JVG Girls 200m Dash Open

 Ella Sanchez SO 1st 

 Daisy Perez JR 7th 

VG Girls 200m Dash Open

 Anna Gold SO 1st 

 Kambree Kothmann JR 5th 

JVG Girls 1600m Run Open

 Jaelynn Rock FR 1st

 Maribella Arias SO 4th 

VG Girls 1600m Run Open

 Mia Torres SR 4th 

JVG Girls 4x400m Relay Relay Open

 A Relay 2nd 

Ella Sanchez (SO) Emmaline Kitzmiller (SO) Paige Gomez (FR) Caitie Huff (JR)

VG Girls 4x400m Relay Relay Open

 A Relay 1st 

Amie Pyka (FR) Aleah Constantine (JR) Molly Pluenneke (SR) Anna Gold (SO)