Is Feminism Becoming Too Extreme?


Riley Rizzo and David Lindsay hold an equal sign between each other symbolizing the definition of feminism.

Reese Griffin, Journalism Class

Feminism is definitely becoming too extreme. Feminism has become more of a trend and brand than a serious movement. Feminist have moved away from their previous goal, equality for women, and have now moved to a new goal, world domination by women.

Feminism is now a brand that C.E.O.s and beauty companies have popularized. Feminism has become more of a label or identity than a political movement. Feminists now display feminism through t-shirts, stickers and water bottles that read “We Should All Be Feminist” as if feminism is a trendy slogan rather than a content movement that fights important issues that women have. This is why feminism is too extreme.

Feminism has started to turn into man hating. Feminists focus more on advantages women should have rather than equality. People who call themselves feminists don’t understand that gender inequalities go both ways. They engage in more dishonest arguments that make women seem worse or that their problems are worse than they really are. Feminists have grown towards stripping men’s rights instead of building and fighting for women’s rights to be equal with men’s rights. Therefore, feminism has become too extreme.

Feminism has lost its meaning. The definition of feminism is social, political, and economic equality for all sexes; however, feminists in today’s world think feminism is turning one gender against the other. These feminists believe that women are superior to men and that women should rule the world and this is wrong. Feminism to these people is untrue and the opposite of the true meaning. Even anti-feminists don’t know the true meaning of feminism. Anti-feminists believe that there is no reason for gender equality or the need for basic women’s rights. Feminists need to remember the reason they joined the movement in the first place. This is why feminism is becoming extreme.

One person claims that feminism is evolving to fit better in today’s world. This is wrong. Feminism’s definition and movement still applies to today’s world. Women are still not being respected all across the world. Women still don’t have all the rights a man has in other parts of the world. Women getting rights and respect does not mean that men should be hated or cast out like women are, but that there is finally equality for each sex. Most feminists don’t know this; therefore, feminism is becoming too extreme.

Feminists need to be educated and reminded on the real reason feminism became a movement in the first place. Feminists should stop branding feminism and stop hating men, and they should be educated on what the movement means and how to keep the movement alive and going. Feminists should stop making feminism too extreme.