Kendrick Trains at Team Prep USA


Reese Griffin, Staff

Everyone can run a race, but not everyone can compete in a race.  Racing a 5K in cross country or a 3200 in track may strike fear into the hearts of some people, but for junior Andrew Kendrick racing these miles is a breeze. Kendrick’s accomplishments for both cross country and track are monumental. In cross country, he placed first in district and 22nd in regionals for the 5K this past year. In track, he placed second at regionals and sixth at state for the 3200 in 2018-19.

 Kendrick went to Team Prep USA cross country camp last summer in 2018 and this summer in 2019 for five weeks in Crested Butte, Colorado. He believes going to this camp helped him with his previous accomplishments.

“Camp helped me by learning new foods and supplements,” Kendrick said. “So I can be prepared and fit for every workout and race.”

Kendrick has a passion for running, which inspired him to train in the crisp, cool mountains in Colorado.

“I wanted to see what I could accomplish with altitude training,” Kendrick said. “Getting used to the altitude during the first few days was very difficult, but after a week you feel as though you could run for days with the clean air and cool breeze.”

Even with all the hard training, Kendrick still had some downtime to spend with friends and other campers.

“I usually went on hikes with my friends, went into town, visited parks, watched horror movies and talked in the hot tubs at our houses,” Kendrick said. “We also took very much needed naps.”

Kendrick went to camp with people from all over the world and describes how everyone was very eager to see how they would perform and achieve later goals.

“It’s a big camp with people from around the world,” Kendrick said. “Running with faster and more experienced runners helped me improve my mental and physical performance in running.”

Kendrick’s favorite thing about camp was the people he surrounded himself with and the relationships he still has with them.

“Before every race we talk and [my friends] boosted my spirits,” Kendrick said. “They give me advice when I’m in need of it, and they know how to take away my stress and make me laugh.”

The other campers weren’t the only ones to encourage Kendrick and help him with his racing. The coaches gave lectures and met with everyone one-on-one.

“Even though it is a big camp with lots of people, the coach tried to get to know you individually,” Kendrick said. “He knows where you started and helps you with training and possibly running in college.”

Camp did not only help Kendrick physically for racing but also helped him mentally in his running.

“Lectures taught me how to center my thoughts, and what to plush out of my head so I can have clear plan for my race,” Kendrick said. “I also learned to make myself think why not me, ‘Why not me to win state?; Why not me to PR?’ It’s all achievable if you yourself believe.”