Fredericksburg Jazz Band Sweeps Floor at Regional Contest


The students who participated in the Region Jazz contest are Mason Sommers, Harper Kiehl, Abigail Sechrist, Evalyn Crittell and Natalie Mondragon. Row 2: Nahomi Arias, Grace Fritz, Dalton Waters, Asher Weatherford and Sergio Martinez. Row 3: Gerardo Barrera, Daven Ballejo, Efrain Gonzales, Joel Plaza, Will Cooke, Zavior Vaquera, Jeremiah Baldwin, Alex Hernandez, Parker Fuege and Jacob Lees.

Evalyn Crittell, Staff Writer

For the second time in three years, FHS Jazz students won all ten first chairs at Region Jazz Auditions, and 19 FHS students made an All-Region Jazz Ensemble. Ten students taped an audition for All-State Honors consideration. All-State results will be delivered by Nov. 8.

The Following Students Made All Region Band

Parker Fuege-1st Chair Alto Sax

Zavior Vaquera-1st Chair Tenor Sax

Evalyn Crittell-4th Chair Tenor Sax

Jeremiah Baldwin-1st Chair Bari Sax

Asher Weatherford-1st Chair Trumpet

Dalton Waters-4h Chair Trumpet

Nahomi Arias-5th Chair Trumpet

Sergio Martinez-1st Chair Tenor Trombone

Alex Hernandez-4th Chair Tenor Trombone

Natalie Mondragon-7th Chair Tenor Trombone

Harper Kiehl-8th Chair Tenor Trombone

Efrain Gonzales-1st Chair Bass Trombone

Grace Fritz-1st Chair Piano

Will Cooke-1st Chair Bass

Abigail Sechrist-2nd Chair Bass

Jacob Lees-1st Chair Drumset

Daven Ballejo-3rd Chair Drumset

Gerardo Barrera-1st Chair Guitar

Mason Sommers-2nd Chair Guitar