The Importance of Leadership in High School


Mariah Boyd, Staff

 High school is a time to explore different talents and skills. Going into freshman year, there are many different organizations and teams you can be a part of. It’s highly encouraged that students find a group or an extra-curricular activity to join in high school. Some students are even a part of more than one. Although this can seem overwhelming on top of all the other responsibilities that goes along with the four-year process of high school, being a part of a club or team can teach just as much as normal classes can. As the years go on, some students even try for an officer position in their club.

            Leadership is a powerful skill to obtain throughout high school that helps prepare students for the future as well as helps them succeed in different areas of their life. Leadership opportunities can be found within athletics, band, theatre, employment options, and community services. Whatever the interest may be, there is a chance for a leadership opportunity within it and taking advantage of it before college is a great idea. Colleges love to see applications that list bigger roles in clubs or other organizations. It shows them that you not only joined a group, but took the extra step and offered your skills in a leadership position. It shows that you know how to step into leadership roles and be in charge if need be. It also shows that you can have added responsibilities and handle them. 

            Not only do leadership roles help boost college applications, they also help students build self-esteem. It develops confidence and a sense of purpose. Knowing people are depending on your capabilities can be scary, but it can also be good to know that every time you do your job, you’re helping a program and those involved. However, being a leader isn’t always easy. In fact, it’s a challenge, but a good challenge that required hard work, dedication and self-awareness. Because peers look up to leaders to set a good example, leaders learn to build good self-esteem that will carry over into college and after. 

            Leadership teaches teamwork and communication skills. Being a leader requires also knowing how to be a follower, and how to work together with other people and be part of a team. It teaches professionalism, time management, and creates a personal identity. 

            One of the most important lessons from leadership is learning how to lead with actions. It’s common for leadership to be confused as a position, and for titles to become the priority. But leadership is action-based and is all about being an example and earning the title that comes with it. Skills like these are needed in college and beyond, so with all the prep that goes into the future, consider trying out for that officer or leader position in your group. It might just teach a whole new lesson.