Let’s Talk Politics: Libertarianism


Lauren Guzy , Staff

With the presidential candidates and debates on the news everywhere, and the primary elections coming closer, it is time for voters to become informed about the political parties. What most Americans don’t know is that there are many more political parties other than Republican, Democratic and the one-off independents. From the Prohibition Party to the Grassroot-Legalize Cannabis Party, there are a total of 32 political parties in the U.S. Over the years, these smaller parties have had growing popularity, with the Libertarian Party the third most followed party.

So, what is Libertarianism? In the words of Penn Jillette, “Libertarianism is taking a right on the money and your first left on sex and looking for utopia straight ahead.” 

Libertarian’s beliefs on the economic side of things are that taxes should be lowered and there should be a significant cut of governmental spending. Party followers believe that citizens should voluntarily give their money to things that they want it to go to instead of the government forcefully taking tax money away from people to fund a multitude of things that people might not want their money to go towards. Another part of their economic beliefs is a free market with absolutely no government control or influence. This means eliminating corporate welfare, changing the military to a defensive force, reforming public education and restoring a sound currency. Libertarians tend to feel strongly that people should be able to provide goods/services and manage a business how they wish to run it, not how the government wishes them to run a business. 

When it comes to every other political hot topic: legalize it. If it’s a free country, then why not let it be legal? People should be able to do want they want as long as it doesn’t put other people in harm’s way. People should be able to arm themselves with any gun they choose. Women should have the right to choose if they want to have an abortion. Anyone can fly whatever flag they wish to fly. Marijuana should be as readily available as alcohol. Anyone should be able to marry whomever they want. People should have the right to refuse service to anyone by any means.

Freedom and privacy have to go hand-in-hand for Libertarians. Just like how everything should be legal, everything should be private too. According to the official Libertarian website, “Protect internet freedom & privacy, restrict law-enforcement use of general surveillance technologies, restore Fourth Amendment rights against unreasonable searches and seizures, and fight against federal overreach and government spying programs.” These are all important things they hope to achieve to protect people’s privacy.

Voting is the best way to get involved with the political system. Being informed about the different parties and knowing the beliefs and values of each party is important, especially at this time, so people can properly affiliate with a group.