Fredericksburg High School Lacks School Spirit 


Reese Griffin, Staff

The bustle of students can be heard from outside of the gym as teens hurry to find a place to sit for the pep rally. The band plays, the cheerleaders and varsity football team make their way to the mat on the gym floor, but the students give half-hearted claps. It almost looks like they are being forced to have a good time. There is a lack of school spirit at FHS.

One possible reason could be the pep rallies. The pep rallies during this year’s football season had little variety and seemed to only focus on just a few of the sports and clubs we have at our school. We can redeem ourselves by having pep rallies during the spring sports such as: basketball, track, and soccer.

These pep rallies could be hosted by different clubs on campus like Student Council or HOSA. This could give clubs at our school more publicity and cause more students to look forward to pep rallies thus lifting school spirit. Each club would provide different and new ideas for the themes and events in the pep rallies making each one have more variety. 

Pep rallies aren’t the only spirit lacking event. Basketball and soccer games are not as popular with students as football games. If more students went to these games, then the players on the teams would be more energized to play and bring students closer together. This could lift the spirits of other teams on other sports and lift school spirit.

A way that we could include students who may not be involved in school clubs or sports is hold academic competitions. The school could host events such as: scavenger hunts, karaoke, or physical competitions. These events could be held on campus or around town. There could be a prize for the winners or various prizes for different categories of winners. These events could help students be involved in our school and be more proud of our school.

Creative marketing could help publicize clubs better using posters, memes, or videos. Teenagers are fixated on their phones, so using social media apps to market people like those running for class or student council president would make it easier for them to get votes. Promoting events could encourage people to get more involved by appealing to all students and cause a bandwagon effect.

By expanding the appeal of events at our school to more of a variety of students could bring more school spirit into our school. The more students who want to be involved in our school, the more the students are going to be proud of our school.