Three Weeks for Christmas: Good or Bad?

Mariah Boyd, Staff

  Christmas is always a highly anticipated time of year for students. Not only is it the end of the first semester and the season to be jolly, but December is also when Christmas break arrives. After finishing up that last mid-term on Friday, students get to flock out the doors and leap into the holidays, vacations, family time, and some much needed sleep. But this year, as most everyone is aware, Christmas break is not two, but three weeks long. 

            Most students rejoice at the extra seven days off from school. Who wouldn’t want more free time and less time spent stressing over homework? It sounds like the best kind of Christmas present. It gives more days to spend with family, to relax after a long  semester, and a chance to enjoy being at home. For seniors, three weeks is the perfect opportunity to finish scholarship applications and other college related deadlines that are sometimes pushed to the side for homework. Three weeks off is more time, and time is a precious thing in high school.

            But while three weeks off can benefit teenagers, it could become a problem for younger kids in school. Children with parents who work are likely getting more time off than their parents. This makes it hard for parents to either hire a babysitter or take time off from work to be with their kids.  And although three weeks is a wonderfully long break, it’s also right in the middle of school. Let’s be honest, we’re not going to study everyday while we’re gone. Some learned concepts might be difficult to jump back into the day we return to school. 

            The expanded break is brand new this year. It’s good for some and not very convenient for others. But one thing is for certain; the end of the first semester is nearing and each day that goes by is one day closer to Christmas morning. Longer break or no, Christmas is something that will always be constant.