The Billies Stomp The Greyhounds


Dillon Rabon

The Billies went head-to-head Thursday night in a highly anticipated game against rival school Boerne Greyhounds. The Billies had this game marked on their calendar from the get-go, as they looked to get their first win at Greyhound stadium in 10 years. This game came down to the very last play, as the Billies led a late fourth quarter comeback, winning the game 25-24.

To start the game, the Greyhounds came out firing, throwing for a 23-yard touchdown. This didn’t affect the Billie offense though, as they drove down the field on the very next drive setting up Matthew Smith with a two yard touchdown pass from Cole Immel. The Greyhounds quickly responded, completing an eight-yard touchdown pass to put the Greyhounds up 14-7 to end the first half.

The Billies got points on the board first in the second half as Immel threw a deep ball to Kade Jenschke, who then raced into the end zone resulting in a 65-yard touchdown tying the game at 14. In the fourth quarter, the Greyhounds matched it with a big play of their own, scoring a 70-yard touchdown on the ground. A Billies muffed punt allowed the Greyhounds to regain possession of the ball. The Billie defense stood tall though with their backs against the wall, holding the Greyhounds to only a field goal. The kick went right through the uprights, making the score 24-14.On the following possession, the Billies drove down the field, setting up Manny Noriega for a 21-yard field goal. The kick was good, leaving the Billies down by only seven. With less than two minutes left in the game, the Billies knew doing an onside kick was the only option. With that being said, they sent Aaron Corderro out, who kicked a perfect ball sending the ball high in the air, giving the Billies time to make a play and recover the ball. With the momentum on their side, the Billies drove down the field once again, setting up Tripp Dennis with a two-yard touchdown pass from Immel to make the score 24-23 with no time remaining. Down by one point, the Billies decided to go for two instead of tying the game. On the next play, Immel rolled outside the pocket finding Jenschke in the endzone, winning the game for the Billies.

This win helped the Billies advance to 4-1 on the season. Coming off a bye week, they look to keep the ball rolling at home versus the Burnet Bulldogs on Friday, October 9th.