What We Miss

Jessica Stuewe

Since Covid arrived, everyone has been adjusting to what is called the “new normal.” Masks are worn everywhere in public; social distancing is enforced, and being around large groups of people is overall an odd experience. Things have definitely changed, and people are not able to do various activities they were able to do before Corona occured. Here is what students miss about life before Covid.

“I miss seeing people’s smiles.” -Madison Earle










“I miss not worrying about whether or not our sports will have to end.” -Alyssa Parker









“I miss not having to wear a mask.” -Ethan Sanchez










“I miss coughing without people looking at me.” -Ava Jenschke









“I miss attending the movie theaters and being able to go to games if you wanted to for a school event.” -Makaylan Haggerty









“The thing I miss about before the Covid lifestyle is traveling.” -Myles West










“I miss getting to go out all the time, being around people, and not having to wear a mask all the time when out in public.” -Arabella Settles









“I miss going into stores without masks, going out and eating with family all together, and how it was in general.” -Yaretsi Gonzales









“The thing I miss most about life before Covid is playing sports with many fans and an energetic atmosphere.” -Karlee Reyes









“Something I miss about life before Covid is being able to go on a vacation during summer and being able to stand next to someone without the fear that you’re going to get sick.” -Ella Grandjean









“I miss being able to go to church and [don’t like] having to watch it online. I also miss being able to go to certain places because of Corona.” -Sarah Stafford










Although we have adjusted to the “new normal,” we all hope it doesn’t stay like this forever. Hopefully, things will return to how it was before Covid fairly soon.