The Campus Comet

Melody Gear
Melody Gear is new to FHS this year and is a senior. When she isn’t at school, she’s usually at home listening to her records, painting, or working. Apart from working her weekends on Main Street at Earthbound, the majority of the time she hangs out and skates with her little sister, Chloe, who is a sophomore at FHS. Despite being new, her social personality doesn’t stop her from meeting new people. She’s made many memories throughout her life and can’t wait to make more with new people. She has an old soul with a kind heart, and not only will she be there for the people she cares about, she is one of the least judgmental and accepting people you could know. Aside from being in choir and a photographer for Comet, she takes her schoolwork seriously and hopes to later in life be a social worker or a child psychologist. Gear hopes her senior year here at FHS will be a good experience and can’t wait to see how it goes!


Melody Gear, Photographer