Caitlin Tatsch


Alisha Wille


“I want to be remembered as somebody who had Christ in her. I want to be known as somebody that helps others, is a light to others, and guides others, in a way. In school, I’m on the varsity volleyball team; I’m on the track team; I’m a member of Student Council; I’m the secretary for the junior class, and I’m a part of FCA. I’m heavily involved in my church. I go every Sunday, and I sing at Mass. I love to cook and bake– it’s like therapy. I play a lot of different instruments. I play piano, clarinet, guitar, and I sing. I love hanging out with my family. I used to be a Navy brat, so we moved around a lot when I was really, really little. We’ve been to Guam, Singapore, and we lived in Japan for two and a half years from when I was two to when I was four or five. All my family lives in Fredericksburg, so we’re around my family 24/7. My favorite teacher would probably be Mrs. Tatum. She has all these different learning styles. She teaches us verbally, from slides; we kind of teach each other, and it’s really, really good. She’s quirky, but she’s so fun. If I could have one redo for my life, I would probably say no. I’ve learned so much in my life. In all the different instances in my life, even when something’s going really, really bad, I know there’s going to be a lesson from it.”