Eleanor Burns


Jerry Ma

“I want to be known as someone people can depend on, a leader for my fellow students and friends. I am student body president for the junior class. I am involved in Student Council, and in the Comet newspaper, swim, and as the host of the Uber Alles announcements. I like to read, work out, and watch Tik-Toks. I like being with other peers and students and being at football games and being part of the school spirit in pep rallies and Homecoming games. I have traveled to Turkey, Spain, and England. My favorite place to go is Turkey, as it is a cultural eye-opener and a very different lifestyle. I work at Lost Draw Cellars Winery every Saturday, and on Sunday. I go to church for confirmation class, and I hang out with friends and do my homework. I’ve had a lot of good teachers in the past, but my favorite would be Mr. Langford from 5th grade. In high school,  I especially enjoyed having Mrs. Z since freshman year. I probably wouldn’t want to redo my life. I made mistakes along the way, but I’ve learned from them, and they’ve shaped me into the person I am now.”