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FHS People and Their Passions


Everyone has something they are passionate about. Whether it’s an object or even a life goal. People of FHS are no exception.

For junior Bryson Durst, passion means a future career that can help people and impact the world around him.

“I want to start a veterinary clinic in Fredericksburg that helps all animals and is very affordable for everyone,” Durst said. “I’ve had this goal since I was a little boy.”

Other students have a passion for something they’ve always enjoyed and want to pursue that in a greater course of action.

“I want to get my pilot’s license,” sophomore Jack Pedregon said. “I’ve always liked flying.”

For freshman Brooke Leggett, her passion involves helping those in extreme situations regardless of possible downfall.

“I want to start a nonprofit orphanage,” Leggett said. “It may fail but still it’s a goal of mine.”

Similar to Durst, freshman Liam Ahern has a passion that doubles as a career goal.

“I want to be a fishing biologist because I like fishing,” Ahern said. “I go all the time and I think it’s good for me. I’ve wanted to do this for a couple years.”

FHS has many endorsements, one of them being medical. Junior Emma Rieber and senior Journie Lombardi are both in this endorsement. Their passions and goals correlate to what they wish to learn.

“I want to become a registered nurse in order to help people,” Lombardi said. “I want to be a registered nurse for people who can’t afford health care.”

“I want to become an OBGYN and give women a safe place where they can open up and feel safe with their doctor and not have to hold anything back.” Rieber said.

Teachers also have passions that aren’t just teaching.

“I have several passions,” theater teacher David Remschel said. “One of which is my family. I love being with them and I love spending time with them but outside of them I love writing. A continual goal that I have is to just continue getting published.”

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About the Contributor
Isabelle Renaud is a junior who loves to be creative and help those around her. She is part of the theater program and one of the first members of our schools FOR club. Renaud crochets, reads, and paints in her free time to express her creativity. When she’s not busy with that, you can find her working at Chocolat on Main.  Another of Renaud’s favorite things to do is spending time with friends and family. She enjoys learning about human behavior and the mind. Renaud strives to be a math teacher and be able to help those in need.