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Sounds We Love


Music is the universal language of mankind. It is a harmonic connection between all living things.

Freshman students Nathan Benfield, Lila Matthes, Sidney Kemp, and sophomore student Natalie Cantu share a passion for music. It may be different genres, but one thing is written in stone, music holds an underlying impact in each of their lives. Changing and developing our true character each time we tune into the music we love.

Different types of music attract different types of people. Therefore, music can mean something different to everyone. It can bring color to life, reduce anxiety and stress, and even bring people together.

“My most consistent genre of music is probably country,” Kemp said. “It’s easy to understand and always tells a story.”

Music tastes are strongly associated with personality, age, and status in life. In addition the people around you have an influence on your music taste.

“I’ve always had the same type of music taste,” Benfield said. “I listen to the type of music my sisters listen to.”

The environment you grow up in and are around change the type of person you become. Music can be a bridge between emotions and words.

“I think it has changed because of how I’ve grown up,” Matthes said. ”It has influenced what I listen to and how it affects me.”

Music tastes are always growing. Even if you listen to the same types of music, you start to take the lyrics more to heart.

“My music taste has changed for the better over time,” Matthes said. ”By liking songs for more than their beat, but for their meaning behind the lyrics.”

Finding your favorite place to listen to music is a “brain wash” for bringing beneficial “feel good” hormones to light.

“My favorite place to listen to music is on the way to soccer games,” sophomore student Natali Cantu said. ”It is very uplifting and gets my headset for the game.”

Different eras in music have all come down to the same motivating factor. Music can be used for ceremonial, recreational, and artistic reasons. Several teenagers struggle with finding a healthy way to express themselves. Music holds a helping hand in this area of a difficult time for many.

“When I was younger, I listened to pop,” Kemp said. ”I was kind of forced to listen to the country genre by my dad, and now the tables have turned because I really enjoy country music.”

When writing about music, you can’t forget about the creators, the artists. Artists hold an important role in listeners’ lives. They serve as role models.

“If I could meet any musician deceased or alive, it would have to be Elvis Presley,” Benfield said. “He was considerably famous and still holds a lot of fame.”

Even in times of separation and division, music builds a spark  in people. It is a beautiful mix of expression, like a poem, but with more beat to it.

“My favorite lyric from a song is in, Time Marches On,” Kemp said. “The only thing that stays the same is everything changes, everything changes.”


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