Funky Fall Food Combinations


Ella Grandjean, Laura Nielsen

Try to think about fall. Try to think about crisp leaves falling, the cool breeze and fall fashion trends, cozy blankets and perfect, bright pumpkins. Now think of Thanksgiving. The food, the smell of a feast drifting through the house accompanied with the warmth of family. Food, an essential part of Thanksgiving, can be different from person to person. Food, in general, can differ. We decided to poll students around our campus for their weirdest food combinations. After all, food comes in all shapes and sizes, no matter what it is paired with. During these upcoming holiday seasons, think about food and what you eat and what brings you together. Now, let’s look at what these students eat:


Addi Schoessow- Sea Salt Poppables with Nestle Chocolate

Valeria Ramirez- Hot Cheetos with Cheese and Corn

Vincent Hickey- Apples and Ketchup


Alyssa Ables- Toast, Butter, Mexican shredded cheese, and Takis

Reid Nevins- Life Cereal and Ginger Ale

Weston Herber- Cheetos and Mustard


Ridley Strackbein- Spaghetti and Cottage Cheese

Logan Sifford- Macaroni and Cheese and Salsa

Sammy DeLuna- Hot Fries and Bean Dip


Ashlyn Flores- Pickles with Popcorn

Abigail Sechrist- Cheez-its with Peanut Butter

Marcus Hobson- Jalapenos and Takis