Late Nights With Cereal Killers


Lauren Bopp

How do you like your cereal, soft or crunchy?

Crunchy- everyone 


Favorite cereal?

Kashi Cinnamon Crisp- Celine Romualdo (junior)

Lucky charms- Aaron Thomas (senior)

Plain Cheerios with granola and raisins- James Qualben (senior)

Special K Red Berry (strawberry)- Riley Lawrence (freshman)


 What cereal do you hate?

I don’t hate any cereal. – Cameron Clements (senior) 

Healthy ones. – Austin Green (freshman) 

Any cereal that makes me feel bad. – Celine Romualdo 

Coco Puffs- Victoria Victorica (sophomore)


 Overhyped cereal?

Lucky charms- James Qualben, Cameron Clements, Riley Lawrence

Fruit loops – Celine Romualdo

Cookie crisps- Victoria Victorica 

Fruity pebbles- Addison Hahn (sophomore)


 Underrated cereal?

Mini Wheats- Victoria Victoria 

Lucky Charms- Aaron Thomas 

Frosted rice krispies- Mickayla Moellering (sophomore)

Trix- Brynlee Staedtler (freshman)


Ugly cereals 

Fruity freaks – Mickayla Moellering 

Cinnamon Toast Crunch- Austin Green

Cookie Crisps- Celine Romualdo 

Fruit Loops- Will Bryla (freshman)


 Is cereal a soup?

No- everyone


 Do you put milk first or cereal? 

Cereal- everyone


 A cereal you want to try?

Muesli (european) – Celine Romualdo 

Classic lucky charms from the 80s- Aaron Thomas

Krave- Mickayla Moellering 

Fruity Pebbles with Lucky Charm marshmallow- Riley Lawrence 


 If you could be any cereal what would you be?

Trix- Austin Green

Lucky charms- Aaron Thomas

Frosted Flakes Tiger- James Qualben

Fruity Freaks- Mickayla Moellering 

Cookie Crisps- Addison Hahn

French Toast Cereal- Brynlee Staedtler


 What milk do you put in your cereal?

Unsweetened Almond milk- Celine Romualdo, James Qualben, Will Bryla

Whole milk- Mickayala Moellering, Aaron Thomas, Riley Lawrence 

2% milk- Austin Green, Brynlee Staedtler, Cameron Clemens, Addison Hahn


            Cereal you used to love but hate now?

Cracklin Oat Bran- Celine Romualdo 

Captain crunch- Victoria Victorica, Brynlee Staedtler

Kix- James Qualben

Krave- Riley Lawrence