Celine Romualdo


Lauren Bopp

“I like to play instruments and sing, specifically I like to play guitar, piano, and drum set. I play video games like Tom Clancy’s Six Siege, but if I’m not playing video games, I’m probably reading a thriller or a physiological book. A lot of people think that I’m crazy and insane but I’m actually pretty chill. I want people to think of me as an inviting person. I’d like to say I’m understanding and think rationally. Currently, I’m undecided on what I want to do after high school, but I’ve been thinking about a career in finance or architecture. I want a stimulating job so I don’t remain stagnant for the rest of my life. I want stability in my future, and that comes with a stable job and a stable relationship. I also want to take care of myself and do what I want to do. I’m a first-generation Salvadorian, but don’t really want to visit El Salvador because it’s not a very good place. I want to travel and gain more knowledge, like going to Italy or Ireland. Spain seems the most interesting, so I’d really like to go to Spain. One thing I want people to know is that everyone can be kind. It’s just a choice you have to make.”