Vonn Borjas


Julia Cleland

Vonn Borjas by Julia Cleland

“I am involved in football and track. In school, I’m always trying to stay focused because I zone out a lot. I’m always trying to stay on top of stuff. I have bad habits of not finishing my work because I just fall asleep a lot. My favorite teacher is probably Mrs. Speer because she’s really funny and has some pretty cool stuff in her room. She has this little basket of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches that you can make. I think she’s the only teacher that offers food, and I think that’s really nice of her. On Saturdays, after film and stretching, I go home and rest for a bit. Then I work at Crossroads from four to ten as a busser and food runner there. On Sundays, I have my confirmation class after church. I usually just spend Sundays catching up on work and going to bed really early. I aspire a lot to be like my sister. She’s been in college for about four or five years now working on her masters. She inspires me to work hard in school and go to college.”