Social Media: Blessing or Curse?


Ella Grandjean

Social media. We use it for multiple aspects of our lives. From sharing photos with friends, to connecting with co-workers and possibly catching up with old friends. All these aspects of socializing with people are just one great factor of the media. Social media has helped us branch out as a society and have more interactions with people other than ourselves; however, this begs the question, is social media a blessing or a curse? 

Social media is definitely something that has become more popular over the years with not only teenagers, but also with adults. Personally, I believe that social media is a blessing. Social media platforms are places where I can connect with old friends and share ideas and photos with new people. 

I like the fact that I can be on social media and experience new tools to express myself. I do this in various ways such as on Instagram stories. There are so many options, fonts and drawing tools I like to play with. I love to draw on my Instagram stories and create new things. So if you happen to follow me on social media, that’s why I post so much! 

The media also makes me excited to try new ways to connect with people. It is exciting because I can talk to people, maybe even if I don’t have their number. There are no restrictions on how to contact each other. It has given us, especially our generation, an innovative way to communicate in more efficient ways. 

Though, I know everyone knows the curse of these platforms. Yes, it is a gateway to cyber bullying, diminishing social skills and overall detachment. Yet, all the positive benefits that come from these websites, such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Linked In, etc. are endless. I think that social media has made it easier to find stories and achieve better job opportunities. It has given me the opportunity to also expand my small business in an amazing way. Not only through promoting, but also being able to reach out to more brands and business creators. Social media is an outlet for me to be creative and experience new tools overall.