Holiday or Just a Day in the Year


Lauren Bopp

Some holidays I wait all year long for, but others I forget even exist. In other words, I don’t think all holidays should be celebrated the same.

Thanksgiving is a great holiday, but not because of the decorations or the family gatherings. It’s only good because of the food. When a holiday only has one thing to offer, it should not be celebrated for longer than it needs to be. Personally, I believe Thanksgiving should not be celebrated for more than two weeks. 

Halloween is a great holiday and deserves to be celebrated all month long. Halloween has killer decorations. What makes it even better is how interactive it is, with haunted houses and Halloween specials playing all month long. I don’t like anything scary, but for Halloween, I’ll be celebrating it for a full 31 days. 

Some people know Valentines Day as the loneliest day of the year. However, I like this holiday because of all of the pink, and because my granny gets me a little box of chocolates. Other than that, I’d say this holiday is mediocre. It’s not the worst holiday, but it still deserves to be celebrated, even though I’m not totally sure what the point is. The only reason I accept this holiday to be celebrated all month long is because everything turns pink.

St. Patrick’s Day and April Fools and both equally pointless holidays. Luckily, I’ve never seen anyone actually celebrate them before. I really wouldn’t have a problem with these holidays If didn’t have to hear “Where’s your green?” and “Your shoe is untied,” all day long. Therefore these holidays shouldn’t even be acknowledged. St. Patrick’s and April Fools should never be celebrated. I couldn’t even tell you the point or gist of either one.

The 4th of July. Some 4ths are filled with hot dogs, fireworks, and a day at the lake. But for other people, it’s like any day. I’ve definitely had some good 4th of July’s and have had some good memories. I’ve also had some pretty boring 4ths and had to watch the fireworks from my backyard. I will say, seeing the American flag plastered everywhere just gets annoying. There is no reason you need to have an American flag on everything past July 7th.

Christmas is the holiday I crave all year long. Christmas is the best holiday ever to exist. For some people, presents might be the best part. But for me, Christmas lights. They’re so stimulating to me. My favorite thing in the whole world to do is drive around in a rich neighborhood while looking at their lights and listening to Christmas music.  For my family, one of the best parts about Christmas is the monkey bread breakfast. Christmas is the best holiday, which is why I think it’s acceptable to celebrate all month, maybe even all of winter.