An Egg Breaks the Record for Most-liked Photo on Instagram

Valentina Chavarria, Co-Editor, Website Designer

An ordinary picture of an egg has just beaten the world record for the most liked photo on Instagram. The post, which was uploaded on Jan. 4, currently has over 47 million likes. The account, whose username is @world_record_egg beat past record holder Kylie Jenner, who had the most liked picture on the platform at 18 million likes when she announced the birth of daughter, Stormi Webster, on Feb. 6 of last year.

The fact that an ordinary picture of an egg can beat a famous entrepreneur and socialite in only 10 days shows how fragile celebrity culture is. One of the main reasons the post took off was the hope of getting a reaction out of Kylie Jenner. This is also an example of how desperate humans are for interaction in this increasingly technological world. People saw this as a challenge and a common goal, which inspired them to invest their time and energy into sharing and liking this post. By being part of the “egg gang,” people who liked the post felt like they were involved in something that was somewhat greater than themselves. The egg represented a challenge that the whole world could get behind.

So far, the identity of the creators of the viral Instagram post remain anonymous. The account has presented itself to the media as a chicken named Henrietta, who has been responding to questions from the press. People want to know the face behind the most-liked photo on Instagram, which will be good for marketing and the future of the account. Anonymity will keep the topic alive longer since people want to humanize the online account. For now, we only have a picture of an egg and a newly created community.