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Where/ how often they meet: 

Meet during medical classes and before school.


What others think we do:

“Others think we are really smart and have a lot of knowledge of the medical field.” –JT Peet


What our parents think we do: 

“My parents think that we are just learning more about the health care field while we continue to expand our understanding of all the different careers and opportunities that are available to us in the future.” – Jessica Hardin


What we think we do: 

“We think we are the next generation of doctors. We come up with cures for diseases, save lives, and never stop until we know everybody is safe.” -Trent Henk


What we really do:

“HOSA is the Health Occupations Students of America.  It is a national club that health science students can be a part of to learn and participate in different activities as far as the different medical specialties. We also do different volunteer work in the community all related to the health care field.” -Mr. Wallace