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Academic UIL

Where/ how often they meet:

Varies depending on the UIL Academic Coach.  

Debate LD – Tara Sweet

CX- Tara Sweet

Calculator Application- Connie Radle

Number Sense- Joan Speer

Math- Connie Radle

Spelling and Vocab- Gail Savage

Exempt Speaking- Denise Spinelli

Literary Criticism- Beki Treadway

Accounting- Jill Pilcher

Current Events- Betsy Setterbo

Journalism- Kim Zuberbueler

One Act/ Theater- Randi Minjauw

Science- Elise Pitman

Computer Application – Beki Treadway

Prose and Poetry – Randi Minjauw


What others think we do:

“They think we just sit down and take tests willingly but actually lots of preparation goes into each of our events, and it’s also very diverse in terms of events you can compete in.”-Graham Hammond


What our parents think we do: 

“My parents think that UIL is an academic competition that tests my knowledge against other students for a prize or possible scholarship.” -Chad Braden


What we think we do: 

“We think we are the coolest kids at the UIL meets and tournaments.” -Caitie Huff


What we really do:

“The University Interscholastic League offers the most comprehensive program of academic competition in the nation.   These activities, which exist to complement the academic curriculum, are designed to motivate students as they acquire higher levels of knowledge, to challenge students to confront issues of importance, and to provide students with the opportunity to demonstrate mastery of specific skills. Students are challenged to think critically and creatively, exhibiting much more than knowledge and comprehension.  Students form new friendships with other students who share similar academic interests.  Students who reach the state level of competition are eligible for college scholarships.  We are always looking for students to get involved in UIL Academics.” – Mrs. Treadway