World War III and More 


Cynthia Sawtelle

World War III has always been a looming fear. Because of the previous wars in generations before us, it has been an anxious prophecy and dare I say a joke. I find it incredibly interesting that our generation has developed the tendency to turn large and difficult social situations into memes. To add onto this, these memes (that are often exaggerations) become the only news source of a surprising amount of teenagers. Some kids are genuinely scared and worried about these possibilities.

LGBTQ+ people are starting to make memes and TikToks about how “Uncle Mikey” AKA Vice President Mike Pence is going to take them away to “summer camp.” With the news of Donald Trump’s impeachment, some are starting to wonder what America will look like if/when Pence takes over. Based on his history of being incredibly conservative and supporting conversion therapy, there is a running joke on the internet that gay people will be taken away to “camp” this summer. Some are even starting to say “See you in cabin 6!” and discussing trivial things like what music will be played. 

Because of the whole debacle with Trump and Iran, some people (teenagers in particular) are starting to think that World War 3 will happen. Some are even mildly freaking out about it. Yes, what President Trump did was absolutely moronic, and it of course COULD escalate into a war. But it’s highly unlikely. There hasn’t been any tension as of lately, so it’s unlikely something will start now. And even if Iran did retaliate and start something, there is a video that was circulating around the internet of a leader of Iran saying he wasn’t mad at America as a country; he was mad at our leaders. 

In conclusion, our generation is wack, for lack of a better term. And while it’s crazy that we are entertaining these thoughts and making comedy out of the situation, I find it absolutely insane that we even have to worry about these potential situations happening. But, one thing I will say about my generation is that we are amazing at finding the silver linings of a situation. AKA, creating memes.