Hartmann Makes History


Logan Sifford

For some basketball is just a game. For others, it is a way of life. A chance to strive for your aspirations, desires and goals to make them a reality. Ultimately for Ella Hartmann, basketball became her reality and way of life, which transpired to records that will last a lifetime- already scoring 1,000 points as a junior, which very few have done.

The journey began at a young age, and affection for the game transpired through exposure.

“I began to develop a love for the game as early as first grade,” Hartmann said. “Watching other players and how they provided motivation, inspired me to become the best player I can be.”

Hartmann has always been encouraged by people on and off the court to pursue the game of basketball. She has been driven and pushed to exceed expectations and set no limits.

“Coach Grona has taught me everything she knows and has been with me a lot through my basketball experience,” Hartmann said. “She is super supportive and always has her door open so I can reach her anytime.”

Through experience, inspiration and discipline, Hartmann was able to reach the goal of making the varsity team sooner than expected.

“I feel I had enough experience to play varsity my freshman year because I have been playing for so long,” Hartmann said, “My ultimate desire would be to play at the college level.”

Her accomplishments have always driven her, but the primary focus of motivation has always been attaining excellence.

“Always knowing that there is someone better than me keeps me from being satisfied and allows me to accept criticism in order to better myself,” Hartmann said, “Looking up to different players like Sabrina Lonescu teaches me ways to handle adversity and ways to focus on the game.”

This attitude keeps her humble and portrays her as the ultimate team player. Always staying connected to her teammates is a priority in order to accomplish the goal of going back to the state.

Hartmann’s grit and tenacity have allowed her to reach new heights that very few have. She inspires her teammates and her dedication to basketball serves as a constant motivator in her pursuit of better. Hartmann’s mentality serves as a reminder to always follow our passions. Forever grateful. Forever thankful. A Battlin’ Billie Forever.