Poetry: Find a Way Lost

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Poetry: Find a Way Lost

Madilyn Findley

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This World

Find me a time, find me place 

To completely get out of this world

I’m exhausted of this hurried pace

Tired of time controlled


Throw me in with wizards and kings

Take me up to the forest of elves

Outlaws rebellious to their queens

Where people can be themselves


Let me fight with sword in hand

A real risk for a real reward

Crossing over uncharted land

Always be going onward


Where there is no map to follow

A possibility of getting lost

A chance mystery will unravel

Your time is all it will cost


But now I am caught in this place

Where life is no longer respected

True love is rarely ever the case

Imagination is infected


We need something to spark a light

Something we would find fantastic

Something that gives us comfort and fright

This world is needing some magic